Porthkerris 2016

From 27 August to 3 September the club took a trip to Porthkerris in Cornwall. We camped out near the water and dived everyday in one of the nicest locations in England. The visibility was generally far superior to that to which we are accustomed when diving in Sussex and each dive offered many exotic sights. One could expect to see cuckoo wrasse, gobies, and spiny star fish as a matter of course, but rarer species were also in abundance, including John Dory, crayfish and cuttlefish that change colour and texture to camouflage themselves. There was a mischievous seal in the bay as well.

City of Brisbane Wreck Dive

Today, as the algae bloom has receded sufficiently, we undertook a dive to the wreck of the City of Brisbane, a cargo ship torpedoed during the First World War. The sip sank approximately three miles SSE of Newhaven and lies at a depth of 20m. The boat ride out was rougher than usual with a strong winds and waves over a meter in height. Our faces were pelted with stinging rain as the Paradox skipped across the waves like a bright orange stone on a pond thrown by a sea god with a grudge against those who trespass in his realm.

3. June 2016 Dive Rescue Skills and Boat Handling Training

Due to the current algae bloom, there have been no dives for the past few weeks. Those of us taking qualifications therefore took the opportunity to practice necessary surface skills. Will Hunt and I are doing the BSAC boat handling course, and so Liam Beckett and Roxanna Preston took us for a spin and we went through various maneouvres and navigational exercises, before heading back to pick up Neil Watson, who would instruct them in their rescue training. Will and I got our gear on and played the role of the casualties that needed rescuing.

Porthkerris Easter Trip


The University of Sussex Sub Aqua Club had an extremely successful and enjoyable trip to Porthkerris, Cornwall, over the Easter Weekend. While staying in a small caravan park a few miles from the Dive Centre, the 9 students and 3 instructors managed to complete over 100 dives in only 5 days. While the week started with the typical West Country drizzle, it culminated in brilliant sunshine and a day on the sandy shores of Northern Cornwall, the participants leaving red faced and grinning from the first real sunshine of the year.

Your Dive Club Needs You - join the 2014/15 USSAC Committee!

CALLING ALL USSAC MEMBERS: Like all of the universities sports clubs, USSAC is run by a merry band of students who form its elected committee. Whether you are into diving, mucking about with boats, social media, organising piss-ups or planning weekends away, there is a committee position perfect for you. 

Website feature requests

Please comment below with requests for new features for the website. The following are on the pipeline:-Gallery to be organised by date of event as opposed to date of posting-Ability for all users to see sign ups-Fish ID database - will allow you to identify a fish which you might have seen on a dive!-New resources section