Freshers Fair 2014

  • We are getting ever closer to one of our biggest events of the year... freshers fair!! 


  • But why have one when you can have two? As usual, we will be present for both the University of Sussex and University of Brighton freshers, which will be held on 17th September and 2nd October respectively. 


  • We want to encourage as many new faces to join the club as possible and in order to do that, it's important that as many old faces show up to help out (so they know that we're not actually strange sea monsters ourselves). 


  • For the newbies, scuba diving is something unique and fun to try at university, with the club organising dives under Brighton Pier, in the UK and abroad. We are also a sociable bunch who enjoy the pub, giving you the opportunity to meet loads of students you would never normally meet.


  • So old and new please come along and sign up to be a member... what's not to like?


  • Lauren