Ian Johnson

Ian is a BSAC Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor with 20 plus years training new members at the Sussex University Club. As one of our  Diver Coxn's he has led many trips to the very best of uk diving areas including Lands End, the Isles of Scilly, Mull and Falmouth, as well as our usual closer to home sites out of Brighton. While he enjoys tropical trips away with his wife Laura, his passion has always been the best of uk diving, dramatic walls and drop offs around some of our most special coastlines. Whether in the pool or at one of these remarkable dive sites, setting the eyes alight of a first season diver amazed at that first breath underwater or their first sight of an endless shoal of horse mackerel circling a rocky pinnacle in Cornwall, these are his best moments.


He has held most committee roles when pressed but believes University Clubs are for students to excel at themselves for the fun that's to be had. His latest exploits have extended recently to sailing the Fastnet race and a perfect week diving the Western Rocks of the Scillies and the Eagle at Bishop's Rock. He looks forward to joining you all on some great diving and finding more of those magic moments out there.