James Georgalakis

Diving Officer “the D.O”

James is a BSAC Advanced Diver and diving instructor. He has been diving since he was fourteen and got his first job as a dive guide with a BSAC dive school overseas during his gap year before university. He was an active member of his own university dive club and qualified as an instructor during his first year. James now works at the Institute of Development Studies on the UoS campus and after a bit of a break from diving joined USSAC in 2010. He has served as Advanced Training Officer and in 2013 was appointed Diving Officer.

As Diving Officer James’ job is to make sure our training programmes and diving expeditions are all run according to BSAC safety guidelines. He is responsible for signing off on all the diving qualifications that we award.

Some say if you cut him he bleeds sea water. Others are more concerned that he has items of dive kit that are actually older than many of our trainees. He is often the last to leave the bar despite being woken up at silly-o’clock every morning by his three year old daughter.