Ocean Diver Application

Due to the limited amount of equipment and number of instructors that USSAC has at its disposal we can only take on 16 new Ocean Diver trainees this year. However numbers exceeding this can train with a local shop as part of our club. Although the price will be £270 instead of £225.

Based on our experience students who are able to really get involved with club activities and stay involved into the next academic year have the most enjoyable experience and are most likely to finish their qualifications.

The USSAC Committee kindly ask for some further information about yourself and your reasons for wanting to enroll on the Ocean Diver Course.

If you are selected to train with us you will be notified shortly. 

 Diver training cannot commence until you have also completed a Medical Declaration or had a Medical Examination confirming your fitness to dive. All decisions by the USSAC Committee on the allocation of places on the Ocean Diver course are final.

Before applying please check you are available for the following training sessions and can meet the basic costs involved.

Training and membership costs:
Lectures and exams to be confirmed.
Club SU membership £70
British Sub Aqua Club student membership £28 (£18 if paid by direct debit)
Course fee £225 (£270 if not trained by us).

January 2017
Snorkelling gear £60-£100

Deadline to be confirmed



Link to the ocean diver application


All information will be treaded as confidential. The decisions made by the USSAC committee are final.