Porthkerris 2016

From 27 August to 3 September the club took a trip to Porthkerris in Cornwall. We camped out near the water and dived everyday in one of the nicest locations in England. The visibility was generally far superior to that to which we are accustomed when diving in Sussex and each dive offered many exotic sights. One could expect to see cuckoo wrasse, gobies, and spiny star fish as a matter of course, but rarer species were also in abundance, including John Dory, crayfish and cuttlefish that change colour and texture to camouflage themselves. There was a mischievous seal in the bay as well. Reefs were covered in vibrantly coloured corals, sponges and jewel anemones. Haunting giant wrecks lay off the treacherous cornish coast and made an excellent destination for a boat dive. While out of the water we amused ourselves with games and banter ranging from jokes about our sexual prowess or lack thereof to a discussion of geopolitics. Needless to say local public houses enjoyed our custom regularly providing good food and drink. It was a fine adventure that all of us will long cherish.