Try Dives and Forms

Dear All,

Thanks to everyone who came to the welcome talk last night. It was nice to meet you all and hopefully share our interest with you. If you missed the meeting then you can still join up or come for a try dive but will need to contact someone in the club ASAP.  Below you will find information on the try dives, trainee application and open water dive for qualified divers. For the most up to date information, sign up to our Facebook page, where we organise diving events and social events. 
Facebook group: 
Also please sign up to our website  this is where you will find the trainee forms and other information. All our events are posted on the calendar on the site, and if you want to come diving, you need to sign up to the website events (this is a requirement from the Students Union). 

Our website: 
If you have any questions about the information below then let us know!   


Try dive Tuesday 13th October 19:30 


We plan to meet at out kitroom, this is next to Falmer sport complex and to the right of the Hockey pitches. Not by the Brighton football ground. See attached map. 
Please arrive at the kitroom by 19:30 at the latest as this is when we will be leaving, every year people get lost finding the kitroom so please arrive early just in case.  Instructors have kindly agreed to give lifts to people, so please be on time. 

If you are making your own way to Surrenden Pool, the address is 
Stringer Way, Brighton and Hove, Brighton, BN1 6PW, however it is 
recommended that you go from the university as many people last year had 
problems trying to find the pool (including taxi drivers!).  

Easiest and profired option for us is to meet us at the kitroom. 

On the night you will need to bring with you:  
-£15 CASH (unless you have already paid) 
-T-shirt you can swim in (recommended to stop kit rubbing) 

You do not have to bring a mask or fins as all equipment you need will be provided! 


If you have not already done so, you will need to fill out a medical form on the night. 

For those of you who use Facebook here is a link to the event: 


Please let us know asap if you are planning to come along to the try dive by signing up on the website and/or the Facebook event we need to organise how many instructors we will need! 

Ocean diver (beginner) 
We have decided to open the application forms early this year, you have from now to the deadline on Tuesday 20
th October at midnight. This gives you two weeks to fill out the short form. Please don’t leave this to the last minute as again every year people miss the deadline. We have a limit of 16 people on the ocean diver course. 
Remember to press 'SUBMIT' at the end otherwise we don’t get the form, and again every year there is at least one person. 
Ocean diver form:

Ocean Diver Application | USSAC - University of Sussex Sub ...
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Sports diver (previous training)/Dive leader (sports diver or equivalent) 

Please fill out the forms so we know how many people will be training this year with us, we have unlimited space. 

Sports diver/Dive leader form:


Open water dive (for qualified divers) Saturday 24th October 

This will be a whole day event and will meet at 7:30 in the morning at the kit room on Sussex Campus.  We will drive to Divers Cove which is located just south of the M25 (  We will spend the whole day at the site and should be back at the kitroom no later than 19:30.   

You will have to sign a medical form on the day so please see the following document as if you answer yes to any of the questions you would have to see a dive doctor before diving. 


You will need to bring: 

Swim wear or rough clothes to wear under your wetsuit.  A towel and warm gloves including hood and gloves is highly recommended even if the weather is ok. 

You will need mask, fins, diving gloves and diving hood.  You may have these or could buy or rent them. 

£50 for petrol, entry fee, food and equipment rental.  The trip should cost less than this but bring cash to cover all the possible costs. 


To sign up: 

Please let me know directly by email or facebook that you can attend by Sunday 11th of October as I will need to organise enough transport and instructors for the day. 


If you drive and have a car available could you let me know as it may provide be important for the trip to happen.  Any questions just ask. 


Best wishes,


University of Sussex Sub Aqua Club